QuotaPath Implements an All-in-One Data Stack and Starts Leveraging Data Across the Organization


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Manual data exporting lacked visibility and flexibility

QuotaPath, a commission-tracking software for finance and revenue operations teams, was working without a data warehouse or ETL tool. The revenue operations team was exporting CSVs from individual data sources – like Salesforce, Salesloft, and HubSpot – and copying the values into Google Sheets. The time-consuming process lacked visibility and meant that very few people across the organization had access to business data that they could effectively leverage.

They knew there was a need for a tool to help make all the data they were collecting more accessible and usable for people across the organization. Without clean, usable data, QuotaPath was unable to make data-driven decisions to shape the long-term future of the business.

QuotaPath got up to speed quickly

QuotaPath was able to set up a fully functional modern data stack with the help of a responsive support team in a matter of days. With assistance from the Mozart Data team, QuotaPath was quickly running effective queries and getting clean, usable data that could go directly into their BI tool for visualization.

“You’re not going to find a more supportive, onboarding and support team in data tech. The Mozart team is not your standard customer support relationship. They’re very interested in getting you up and running and having you be successful,” said Milligan.

It wasn’t just the setup of the data stack that proved efficient. The usability of the Mozart Data interface itself made it possible for the QuotaPath team to get the full picture of how their business was performing and become a more data-driven organization without hiring a costly data engineer.

Accessible data makes for more data-driven teams

By implementing a modern data stack, QuotaPath has been able to put into practice their stated values as a data-driven organization. Before implementing Mozart Data’s solution, dashboard reports were a quarterly process that gave only a big-picture look at overall business health. Now, anyone in the organization can easily access and understand the more granular data that’s relevant to their department and make critical business decisions based on that data.

“We’ve talked about one of our core values as data access and making data-driven decisions, and Mozart has actually enabled us to actually do that and live by that in a pretty incredible way for us here,” said Milligan.

The QuotaPath team no longer has to spend days pulling manual data from individual sources and trying to piece it together to share at a management or board level. Instead, data is pulled automatically and anyone who wants or needs access can make their own reports quickly, giving much more visibility into how the company is doing from every angle. As more of the organization gains efficient access to data, more departments are able to make genuinely data-driven decisions, to the benefit of all parts of the business.

“We’re easily four to five times faster in terms of getting access to data than we were previously. Board decks would take us a week before, and a lot of the data now is automatically processed. So definitely an order of magnitude faster to get access to data,” said Milligan. 

Digging deeper into their data without rapidly scaling engineering

No matter how many sales calls a software vendor offers, there is no real way to know what integrating a new tool into a business will be like until it’s actually done. For QuotaPath, working with Mozart Data was a smooth process from day one with an available support team that was dedicated to seeing the relationship succeed.

QuotaPath has also been able to provide significant product feedback to Mozart Data, making sure that as their data stack evolves, it’s doing so in a way that is most useful to their organization.

Ditch manual data processes for a modern data stack

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