Leave the engineering to us

Leverage the benefits of scalable data infrastructure without requiring engineering resources

Our modern data platform provides you with all of the tools you need to manage your data pipeline and focus on impactful work.

When the foundations are covered, it’s easier to focus on insights and data-driven decisions. We maintain your stack for you, so you can spend your valuable time elsewhere.

The benefits are obvious

Spin up the data stack in an hour

You don’t need to spend weeks or months cobbling together tools. Our no-code Fivetran and Portable ETL tools can help you get data from 400+ sources into your new Snowflake warehouse ASAP. Get to work; no engineering is required.

More data work with less maintenance

Stop maintaining unreliable APIs and spreadsheets. Set up your data pipeline, so it works for your unique needs without additional tools. Our pipeline visualization makes dependencies between tables and transforms clear, so you can easily schedule tasks when you need them to run, saving you computing resources while making troubleshooting easier.

Have reliable, up-to-date data when you need it so you can perform impactful analysis. Mozart Data integrates both the extraction, loading, and the warehouse, meaning that we keep all transforms and reports up-to-date

Build the foundations of a data-driven culture

Everyone wins when data is democratized. Empower anyone to access, understand, and use data with no-code and SQL-only tools. It’s simple to pipe relevant data to BI tools, Google Sheets, and systems of record. Spend less time fielding simple requests and answering basic questions.

Don’t waste money; save it

It’s hard to justify new tooling. We pass along our bulk discounts on Fivetran and Snowflake and help you manage those products so you don’t waste valuable resources. We eliminate the need to add additional pipeline management tools and offer a free BI tool. Save money on spend and preserve engineering resources.

Connect Your Data in Minutes

Use Cases for Mozart Data

Path 848

Establish a universal source of truth

Path 849

Set up automated reporting

Path 850

Prepare data for analysis and machine learning

Take advantage of our infrastructure and create a truly data-driven environment where insight is at the focal point.

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