Forecast and plan without drowning in data

Forget the massive, unwieldy spreadsheets and trade them in for automated dashboards

What if you could simply automate financial reporting and spend most of your analytics efforts on deriving value from your data instead of spending the lion’s share of your time maintaining poorly built and inadequate reports powered by inferior tools?

Mozart Data can help you make financial data analytics a breeze by:

Automate your dashboards, automatically sync Google Sheets, push what you need to your BI tool, and more. Focus on what really matters, not maintaining data infrastructure. Accurately forecasting financial performance and refining new business plans takes less time with precise data

Financial data analysis made easy

No need for engineering to get the data you need

Our 400+ no-code connectors will easily extract data from different systems within minutes. Connect payments operations platforms, spend management tools, HR platforms, CRMs, ad platforms, and more without technical expertise.

Learn to trust your metrics

Centralized data means fewer mistakes in your calculations and projections. Establish a single source of truth for a unified financial data analysis tool and eliminate conflicting numbers forever.

Easy and regular reports

Sync your data by hooking up your BI tool and Google Sheets to the data warehouse we provide and automate reporting. Thanks to automated scheduling features, you will always have the latest data to work with when you need it, enabling you to uncover trends and set up your company for long-term success without wasting resources.

Use Cases for Mozart Data

Path 699

Forecast revenue and costs

Group 65

Track expenses across all teams

Path 767

Automate financial reporting

See how all teams benefit from centralized, organized, and reliable data.

Group 42