Extract transform load (ETL)

Mozart’s ETL pipeline (Extract, Transform, Load) allows businesses to collect data from over 400 sources and move it to a centralized location.

This means:

When data flows freely, everyone’s a winner.

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Connect your data sources in minutes and speed up business processes

The ETL process enables businesses to:

Spend more time on data analysis and less time wrangling your data

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The Benefits of Data Extraction and the ETL Process

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Join isolated datasets for in-depth analysis: more accurate analysis, smarter decisions

Find out which channels bring in the most profitable consumers, what behaviors signal turnover, and answer other essential growth questions using data extracted automatically from databases and third-party applications.

Share information in Google sheets: easy data access for the entire company

Export information as-needed to Google Sheets for collaborative access at any technical level.

Maintenance-free data integrations

You no longer need to be concerned with fixing broken integrations or keeping up with changing API requirements. Leveraging the best ETL tools on the market today, Mozart eliminates the need for pipeline upkeep on your part.

To turn data from a liability into an asset, it must be centralized and integrated – automated extraction tools can make this happen.

Spend more time on data analysis and less time wrangling your data

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Improved business intelligence

With ETL tools, you can more quickly combine datasets and perform analysis for each business choice you need to make, directly affecting your strategic and operational endeavors, giving you a competitive edge.

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Better ROI

The organized data enables you to better understand where you can optimize and make internal and external processes more efficient, which in turn, leads to an improved bottom line.

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Enhanced performance

To keep up with the demands of a developing business and an ever-shifting market, your company will need to invest in new tools and update its existing infrastructure. Because of the modular nature of an ETL system, more technologies can be layered on top of it to further streamline future data processing.

Automate your ETL pipelines and focus on analytics, not maintenance

Moving data to your data warehouse should be easy.
An efficient ETL pipeline enables your team to focus on analytics and insights for data-driven operations.

Mozart’s ETL tools allow you to schedule how often you want your data sources to sync to your data warehouse, so your data is up-to-date when you need it. Additional data transformations can be set to run on these dependencies, so you never waste resources working with out-of-date data.

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Become a data maestro

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