Quick, data-driven decisions

Focus on the critical work when you put insight generation on autopilot. Automate reporting of all operations data without relying on your engineering team:

BizOps allows companies of any size and industry to understand the effectiveness of their business processes better, and the organized data can help them align their operations with their business goals more effectively.

Get the data you need without relying on engineering

Speed up your processes. Spend less time on data engineering tasks. Empower your staff to simply pull the data they want/need to work with. No more barriers when it comes to accessing data and using it.

Receive automated reporting on key business metrics

Streamline your processes and eliminate repetitive assignments like spreadsheet downloads. Instead, generate automated reports of your most recent data. Simply sync your Mozart Data platform with Google Sheets or the BI tool of your choice and efficiently report on your key metrics.

You have the freedom to use your data the way you want

Slice and dice your data as you please by combining different data sources and manipulating your data with our SQL-based transformation tool. Move beyond the limited built-in reporting capabilities of your data sources to impactful analysis.

Use Cases for Mozart Data

Path 699

Forecast revenue

Path 703

Forecast expenses

Group 65

Track and predict inventory levels

Path 767

Automate executive reporting

Path 507

Operationalize data in the tools your team uses

By putting your data at the focus of your business operations, you are able to get a more accurate understanding of just how effective your processes are and whether they are helping you achieve your business goals β€” or not.

Take your BizOps processes to the next level with the help of our data analysts. Reach out to us today to learn how we can help propel your business growth

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Become a data maestro

data integration

7 Key Benefits of Integrating dbt into Mozart πŸš€

We integrated dbt Core into Mozart as another transformation layer, paired with our existing SQL-based transformation layer. dbt is a great tool that allows data teams to collaboratively build, test, and deploy data models. Now organizations have maximum flexibility to run the data models they want in a single pipeline

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