A Customer's Perspective on Mozart Data by Dan Cho

Picture of Dan Cho

Dan Cho

Senior Director of Operations and Chief of Staff ∙ Tempo

At Tempo, data is at the very core of their base of operations. Dan, in conversation with our very own Kritika Dusad, shared Tempo’s growth during the pandemic, the data challenges they faced, and how Mozart Data addressed those challenges.

One of the big challenges Tempo faced was the rapid pace of new teams and functions. With Mozart Data, early-stage companies like Tempo could get ahead when new tools are implemented, so that they could end up where they want to be down the line.

An executive dashboard was created to show the value of having a centralized data stack. “Mozart took the burden of getting everything centralized off the plate,” according to Dan. With one click of a button, all the metrics could be seen.

“Without Mozart [Data], it would have been all spreadsheets. That would have been a nightmare,” Dan adds. Mozart Data allows for data reliability especially for a startup at their early stages wherein not all data are checked for quality assurance. Through Mozart Data, questions can be answered right off the bat.

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