Introduction to Symphony No. 1 by Peter Fishman

Pete Fishman

Pete Fishman

Co-Founder ∙ Mozart Data

Pete prefaces the conference by sharing exciting trends in the data world, including the explosion of data volumes, the rise of data professionals and data-adjacent careers, as well as the rise of SaaS tools, including Mozart Data.

He continues by outlining why traditional methods in data solutions, including the downloading of CSV files, have become inefficient. Pete points out the following: It takes a lot of time, it’s error-prone, the data is siloed, and replication is difficult.

The right way of bringing together multiple data sources is building a data pipeline — creating a bunch of data, extracting that data to a data warehouse, and transforming and cleaning that data before using it to create reports using a data visualization tool.

That data pipeline could be tricky to build, but with the help of Mozart Data, creating your modern data stack could help you maximize the value out of your data.

Spend more time on data analysis and less time wrangling your data

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