Mozart Data's Product Roadmap by Dan Silberman

Picture of Dan Silberman

Dan Silberman

Co-Founder and CTO ∙ Mozart Data

For Mozart Data, the goal is to allow people who use data to do their jobs better, by being the easiest way for data professionals to get access to the benefits of working in a modern data stack. Dan presents how that goal is realized through a demo of how Mozart Data works.

According to Dan, the true power of Mozart Data comes from combining data from connectors and organizing data into usable tables. A core design principle of Mozart Data is that as long as you know SQL, you will have access to build data pipelines and organize your data. Through the transformations, you will have access to one source of truth.

At the highest level, Mozart Data helps you get data in with connectors, helps you organize, categorize, and annotate your data once it’s in your data warehouse, and finally empower the rest of the company by integrating with popular BI tools.

Another core product of Mozart Data is the above-and-beyond customer support.

Spend more time on data analysis and less time wrangling your data

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