Orchestrate dbt Core jobs within Mozart Data

  • Transform your data with our SQL-based transformation layer or dbt Core
  • Orchestrate all data syncs and transformations within Mozart, in a single data pipeline
  • Collaborative data modeling between data teams and everyone else

Main Benefits & Features

Mozart is an end-to-end data platform and best-in-class alternative to dbt Cloud — at a fraction of the cost. With the dbt Core integration, users can now maintain analytics engineering best practices and collaboratively orchestrate dbt jobs in Mozart to build, test, and deploy data models with SQL, jinja, and macros.

All-In-One Data Platform Experience

Create dbt jobs within Mozart to build, test, and deploy data models by applying industry-standard, analytics engineering best practices – all in a single environment.

Unified Orchestration Engine

Users have full visibility into their end-to-end data pipeline. They can leverage this information to orchestrate dbt jobs based on a cron schedule or the source data’s freshness as part of the broader data pipeline.

Collaborative Data Modeling

With dbt integrated into Mozart Data, your data analysts, data engineers, and operators can collaborate and build data pipelines and models in the shared project space. 

We translate dbt’s templated code (jinja, macros, and SQL) to more commonly understood SQL code, so non-dbt users can still access data models and intepret how they’re built.

7 Key Benefits of Integrating dbt into Mozart 🚀

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