Data transformation your way with Mozart Data’s dbt Core integration

  • Transform your data with our SQL-based transformation layer or dbt Core
  • Orchestrate all data syncs and transformations with Mozart, in a single data pipeline
  • Break down data silos permanently and give the entire company access to reliable data

Benefits of using Mozart Data’s dbt Core integration

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Collaborate with a single data pipeline

 Improve cross-functional collaboration and data reliability by allowing data teams and operators to work from the same data pipeline.

Save time without sacrificing reliability

Maximize the power of dbt data modeling by combining it with Mozart’s advanced pipeline automation, alerting, etc.

Lower your data modeling costs

Save money by avoiding dbt Cloud’s new per seat and per model costs AND an additional orchestration platform like Airflow when you use a single platform.

More Features

Spend more time on data analysis and less time wrangling your data

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Adopt analytics engineering best practices with less hassle via an out-of-the-box data platform that doesn’t require significant maintenance.

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Tackle any data modeling task with full dbt Core capabilities, a SQL-based transformation layer, and advanced scheduling capabilities based on cron or ancestor table synchronization.

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Orchestrate your data reliably and faster with unified job execution and end-to-end data pipeline visibility, from data source to BI and visualization tools.

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Save time with dbt packages, so you can get data into the hands of those who need it to make decisions.

7 Key Benefits of Integrating dbt into Mozart 🚀

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