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Mozart Data provides everything you need to get data into your BigQuery warehouse, prepare it, and start performing advanced analytics — without engineering resources.

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How does a data platform like Mozart empower BigQuery?

Mozart’s platform includes:

  • ETL/ELT tools (Fivetran + Portable) to help you move data into BigQuery
  • Data transformation layers (SQL-based and dbt Core) and orchestration tools, so you can schedule and run data models in order to organize your data for analysis
  • Powerful automation capabilities so you spend less time on busy work and more time finding insights and applying them to your business 

We manage these tools and their integrations, so your team doesn’t have to worry about data engineering tasks. 

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"​​It's fantastic not to worry about managing our own data infrastructure. We can rely on the Mozart team to keep our data infrastructure live and reliable. We also are able to save money over rolling all of our own infrastructure.”
Mitchell Wright
Growth and RevOps at Vercel

Faster time-to-value with in-house analyst support

Our team of solutions analysts are here to help you get the most of your data and best-in-class tools with anything from technical troubleshooting to help with data strategy and models.

You can be set up in less than an hour. 

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"Before Mozart we had data from numerous SaaS tools and paid databases that we could only join in Excel. With Mozart we got a clean SQL database with all of our data without spending any engineering time. Overnight our analytics went from a D to an A+."
Ethan Ruby
VP Analytics at Craft Ventures

Pricing that scales with your needs

We believe in transparent, flexible pricing that aligns with your usage and growth. With our simple pricing model, you can get started with a free 14-day trial and then only pay for what you use. For our BigQuery users, pricing is based on two key factors:

Monthly active rows (MAR): Rows of data that are added, updated, or deleted each month. We typically find that 10-20% of all rows in your warehouse are active in a given month. 

Each month, your first 250,000 MAR are on us! From there, just pay $65 per 100,000 MAR.

Analyst hours: Troubleshooting and maintenance support are always on us. If you want additional assistance with things like data strategy and data modeling, we charge $2,000 for 10 hours or $3,500 for 20 hours.

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