Mozart Data Expands Capabilities with Snowflake and GitHub

The all-in-one modern data platform just got even better

For Snowflakers

We’re helping Snowflake customers accelerate their data journey with Mozart Data: Connected. 

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Many companies struggle to get their data in shape — figuring out how to move data to a centralized place and organizing it to be useful can be an intimidating process. 

Mozart Data: Connected allows a customer to seamlessly connect their Snowflake data warehouse to the rest of our platform. We provide them with ETL tools to quickly move their siloed data to Snowflake and can help them identify the best practices needed to save money, without making their data less reliable. 

Once data is in their Snowflake warehouse, they can use our SQL-based transformation layer to clean, organize, and operationalize it. Our data analysts are on standby to help get reporting running and automated.

Mozart Data is a Powered by Snowflake company.

It’s Here: GitHub for Mozart 

This feature was probably our most-requested one! GitHub for Mozart is a great tool for collaboration and source control. With GitHub our customers get:

  • A systematic way to manage peer review and code approval
  • A central repository of SQL code to make data more discoverable, leading to a more data-driven team culture
  • Faster, scalable data work for any team size

Pipelines v2 – Ultimate Visibility & Control

Everyone wants to work with fresh, reliable data, but no one wants to spend too much time or money to make that happen. Our Pipelines v2 enables customers to see their entire data pipeline and all upstream dependencies for a data transformation or table. 

This allows the customer to refresh their data or run reports when it makes the most sense for them. New data in a table or an upstream transform running can be used as cues to run a downstream action, instead of automating a run every hour or day that might not return new results. 

Mozart Data is Now SOC 2 – Type 2 Compliant

Mozart has recently become SOC 2 – Type 2 compliant after being audited by Dansa D’Arata Soucia LLP. This ensures that Mozart maintains adherence to one of the most comprehensive, industry-accepted compliance frameworks for service organizations, with properly-designed controls in place and operating as intended. 

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