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Why do you need a data platform to use ThoughtSpot?

A data platform is used to centralize and refine data from all the different tools and databases powering your organization. To ensure your data in ThoughtSpot is accurate and up to date, data centralization in a platform like Mozart is a necessary step.

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We knew we should do the Snowflake thing, but it was scary, and we pushed it off even though we knew it was getting harder every day we didn’t do it. Having Mozart there at the time we needed to do this transformation was life-saving.
Alex Netsch
Director of RevOps at Rippling

What is included in Mozart Data?

Mozart Data unifies three key pieces of data infrastructure technology in one platform: 

Data ingestion: Mozart has you covered when it comes to connecting your data seamlessly by ensuring easy, no-code access to over 1,000 sources.

Managed data warehouse: Enjoy the benefits of a fully managed Snowflake data warehouse – let Mozart Data handle all aspects of data maintenance and optimization eliminating the need for data engineers to set up or maintain it.

Data orchestration: Mozart includes data orchestration and automated data pipeline capabilities designed to simplify the process of preparing data for analysis in ThoughtSpot.

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"​​It's fantastic not to worry about managing our own data infrastructure. We can rely on the Mozart team to keep our data infrastructure live and reliable. We also are able to save money over rolling all of our own infrastructure.”
Mitchell Wright
Growth and RevOps at Vercel

Expert Data Analyst Support

Mozart takes pride in seeing our customers succeed with their data initiatives. Gain access to a dedicated data expert who will partner with you on data strategy and execute on your specific data needs.

Transparent pricing that scales with your needs

At Mozart Data, we believe in transparent and flexible pricing that aligns with your usage and growth. With our simple pricing model, you can get started with a free 30-day trial and then only pay for what you consume. Our pricing is based on two key factors:

Monthly active rows (MAR): Rows of data that are added, updated, or deleted each month. We typically find that 10-20% of all rows are active in a given month.

Compute credits: These credits represent the utilization of resources within the data warehouse, including computing power, storage, and processing. 

Each month, your first 250,000 MAR and 15 compute hours are on us! From there, just pay $65 per 100,000 MAR and $3 per compute credit.

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