Mozart Data and Portable Make Hard-to-Find, No-Code Data Connectors Easy to Access and Use

Partnership brings together market leaders in connectivity and data to make it easy for non-technical people to connect data from more than 300 sources

SAN FRANCISCO, April 19, 2022 — Mozart Data, the all-in-one modern data platform, has partnered with Portable, the only ELT (Extract, Load, Transform) platform to build on-demand integrations, to increase access to no-code data connectors, enabling anyone to easily combine data from siloed sources. Without engineering resources of any kind, Mozart Data customers can set up a modern data stack in an hour and connect their data sources to a Snowflake data warehouse in minutes. The partnership doubles Mozart’s data sources to over 300.

The increase in no-code tools has brought down the barrier to accessing, understanding, and working with data, empowering non-engineers and less technical users to answer their own questions and make data-driven decisions. The partnership will meet the growing demand for easy-to-use ELT/ETL solutions that can be implemented without technical proficiency. More companies can break down data silos to get a 360-view of their customers, better track and analyze omni-channel campaigns, streamline operations end to end, and do more with their data.

The partnership also fills the gap of connectors that are missing from the market. Portable’s rapid development of new integrations will continue to add data sources to Mozart Data’s ETL solution and make hard-to-find, niche sources available. Some of the new data sources include Gorgias, Salesloft, Friendbuy, Chargebee, and Twitch.

“Mozart Data and Portable share the same goal of giving companies more time to focus on what’s unique to them, which is analyzing their data and coming up with insights that improve the business,” said Peter Fishman, CEO and Co-Founder of Mozart Data. “Companies, like resource-strapped start-ups, no longer need to take their engineers off of building product to help pull data, set up integrations, or spin up a data stack. Data infrastructure should be quick and easy to set up and require minimal maintenance, and now it is.”

“By combining Mozart Data’s simplicity with Portable’s connectivity – teams can finally stand up a purpose-built tech stack in no time,” said Ethan Aaron, CEO and Co-Founder of Portable. “Instead of wrangling vendors, or reading API documentation, teams can focus on solving real, high-value problems with data.”

“I’m really glad that Mozart Data and Portable partner together for a seamless managed data stack. It allows us to connect Chargebee to our data warehouse and empowers us to analyze our subscriptions in new ways that we could not before,” said David Zeng, Co-Founder of

See the list of data connectors here.

About Mozart Data

Mozart Data is the all-in-one modern data platform that gives anyone the tools to centralize, organize, and analyze data. Mozart Data is on a mission to empower anyone to get the most out of their data without engineering or technical knowledge. Businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100 companies, use Mozart Data to power their data infrastructure and free up their teams to focus on the data engineering and analysis that’s unique to them. Learn more at

About Portable

Portable is the first ELT platform to build connectors on-demand for data teams. We believe companies should have data from every business application at their fingertips – all with no code. We’ve been in your shoes – we understand the pain of searching for the next integration. With Portable, all you have to do is ask. Reach out to request a connector, or learn more at