Help Your Friends Become More Data-Driven and Get Rewarded

Friends don’t let friends struggle with their data infrastructure.

You’ve used Mozart Data. You’ve loved it. And you probably know other people who would benefit from help with their data infrastructure.

Copy the link below to share Mozart Data with your friends and you’ll both get rewarded when they take a demo. If they become a customer, you’ll even unlock another reward.

How it works

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Copy the link below and share it with your friends who would benefit from Mozart Data.

Earn a $250 Visa gift card once your qualified referral completes a demo. Your friend will receive a $100 Visa gift card.

You and your referral will receive your respective gift card via email within 30 days after the demo occurs.


If your referral becomes a paying customer, you’ll earn an additional $1,000 Visa gift card. 

You’ll receive the gift card via email within 30 days after the contract has been signed.

Why data-driven leaders use Mozart Data

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“We wouldn’t have been able to build these dashboards if not all the data was centralized and organized. That was our first win as a team.”

Dan Cho

Senior Director, Operations

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“With Mozart we got a clean SQL database with all of our data without spending any engineering time. Overnight our analytics went from a D to an A+.” 

Ethan Ruby

VP Analytics

“We can rely on the Mozart team to keep our data infrastructure live and reliable. We also are able to save money over rolling all of our own infrastructure.”

Mitchell Wright

Growth and RevOps

“Mozart Data lets us spend all of our BI efforts on deriving value from our data. Not having to spend cycles maintaining the infrastructure and working with inferior tools has helped us move faster.”

Todd McNeal