Ask a Data Analyst: Making the Most of Your Product Data

Adam Pharr

Data Analyst ∙ Mozart Data

Ryan Mason

Data Analyst ∙ Mozart Data

Got questions about how to use your data to uncover product insights?

Feel like you’re not getting the most out of your product usage data?

Are challenges preventing you from easily getting the data you need?

Watch our data analysts tackle product-related data questions and challenges in this 45-minute recorded “Ask a Data Analyst” event.

What you’ll learn:​ 

  • How to figure out which social media ad channels are bringing in customers who are more likely to buy

  • How to determine churn for free users

  • How to collect and store product data for your data scientists

  • How to use data to automatically email users who haven’t interacted with a specific feature

  • When you should move from spreadsheets to a BI tool

  • And much more

Spend more time on data analysis and less time wrangling your data

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