Hiring a Data Analyst: When and How to Find the Right Fit for Your Team

Colin Zima

Director of Product ∙ Google Cloud

Jessica Kirkpatrick

Senior Data Science Manager∙ thredUP

Kevin Novak

Found and Managing Partner ∙ Rackhouse VC

Peter Fishman

Co-Founder and Chief Execution Officer ∙ Mozart Data

Great data analysts can help companies become truly data-driven, where data insights lead to decisions; as opposed to committing to a strategy based on gut feeling.

But before an analyst can help a team, they have to be hired. Hear from a panel of leaders at Google Cloud, thredUP, and Rackhouse VC on their tips for hiring your first data analyst.

What you’ll learn:​ 

  • The right time to hire a data analyst

  • The best places to find great analysts

  • The skills — hard and soft — to look for in analyst candidates

  • How to set new hires up for success

Spend more time on data analysis and less time wrangling your data

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