How Zeplin Created a Centralized Data Stack for Marketing

Jason Feng

Director, Growth Marketing ∙ Zeplin

Peter Fishman

Co-Founder and Chief Execution Officer ∙ Mozart Data

Every marketer knows the struggle of connecting data from ad platforms, CRMs, and internal databases, and other tools.

This challenge held Zeplin’s growth marketing team back from answering critical questions and running personalized campaigns. Instead of hacking together integrations and building countless pivot tables, they found a better solution.

Hear from Zeplin’s Director of Growth Marketing on how they made it easier to access, combine, and take action from their data.

What you’ll learn:​ 

  • How Zeplin used data to answer growth questions, like determining the criteria for a product qualified lead

  • Why storing all your data in Salesforce is limiting your ability to generate insights

  • How to easily combine siloed data

Spend more time on data analysis and less time wrangling your data

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