The Right Time to Build a Data Stack

Perry Wang

Group Manager, Enterprise Marketing Analytics∙Altassian

Ustav Kaushish

VP of Analytics ∙ User Interviews

Peter Fishman

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer ∙ Mozart Data

A data stack is an invaluable collection of tools that allow you to make the most of your data. With it, you can centralize siloed data and prepare it for efficient analysis and insight mining.

Almost all companies eventually implement a data stack — but some aren’t sure if they’re ready, or how they would go about the project.

What you’ll learn:

  • The data experiences of leaders at Atlassian and User Interviews

  • Questions you should be asking if you’re considering implementing a data stack

  • How a data stack enables data-driven operations

  • Consequences for delaying implementation

  • What implementation might look like for your company

Spend more time on data analysis and less time wrangling your data

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