The 2024 Insights Playbook: Fueling Growth in an Uncertain Economy

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Whether you’re feeling confident about the state of the economy or are worried about how larger trends are impacting your business, check out our playbook and pick up practical strategies to better leverage insights to drive your business. 

Topics include: 

  • The equation of your business — writing it down and using it
  • Assessing how the economy should impact your business
  • How to set up flexible, effective reporting
  • Run smarter campaigns and optimize go-to-market strategies
  • Product development without wasting resources — what’s worth the squeeze?
  • Leveraging insights to keep your customers happy


You can view an excerpt from the playbook below. 

Run smarter campaigns and optimize go-to-market strategies

For companies selling to consumers, anything that would help with targeted advertising in that sector is valuable to include in a customer table.

Our customer Zeplin analyzed their customers’ journey, including acquisition channel, product usage data, and sales touchpoints to determine who should be counted as a true self-serve customer and who should be counted as sales-assisted. From there, they added data on the customers’ traffic profile, company size, and company growth to build better profiles for marketing and sales activities.

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