We’ve Partnered with Braze to Help Power Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a top priority for many of our own customers, so we’re excited to announce our partnership with Braze.

Braze is a leading comprehensive customer engagement platform that powers interactions between consumers and brands. With Braze, companies can ingest and process customer data in real time, orchestrate and optimize contextually relevant, cross-channel marketing campaigns, and continuously evolve their customer engagement strategies. When paired with a modern data platform like Mozart, it’s possible to operationalize Braze data to help the rest of your business.

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Powering Lead Generation Campaigns

Braze allows you to easily create cross-channel campaigns with dynamic audiences. You can assemble an audience and use drag-and-drop tools to set up custom journeys for those audience members. This is an incredibly powerful feature for businesses of all sizes.

Braze can ingest data from a number of sources, including CSVs and APIs from other tools, to help build those audiences and campaigns. They also include pre-built segmentation filters to remove some of the manual work from that process. These features make it possible to test different strategies and seek out ways to optimize your campaigns.

Take those campaigns to the next level when you pair Braze with Mozart Data. Mozart data offers modern data stack tools to help you combine and organize your data for analysis.

You already have a great deal of historical data — performance metrics from previous marketing efforts, CRM and CMS data on user or lead engagement, and purchasing data in your payments solution like Stripe. If you’re a SaaS company, you likely have a great deal of additional user behavior data in some sort of product database.

With Mozart, you can seamlessly combine that data and get a head start on segmenting your target audience and determining the messaging that is most effective at driving the behaviors you want. From there, you can use our Braze integration to load that data into Braze, where you can operationalize it and get started with great campaigns faster.

Simplify Channel Analytics

Running more successful campaigns should only be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to optimizing your go-to-market strategy. Once those campaigns are running, export that data back to Mozart to combine with other data for additional analysis.
You want to know how those cross-channel campaigns are performing, which is where channel analytics comes in. Braze can help you see quite a bit, like open rates and click through rates on your messages. But data warehouse technologies and data stack tools make it possible to look deeper, supporting nuanced analysis of your customers’ behavior.
You might know how much a campaign costs, but can you accurately determine your customer acquisition cost (CAC), and do so quickly enough to provide value without distracting your team from other work? What about customer lifetime value (CLTV or LTV)? Do you know which customers make larger purchases or repeat purchases? If you’re a SaaS company, do you know which customers eventually upgrade to a more expensive product?
You need to consolidate your data to get to those answers. Combine Braze data with Salesforce data. Combine Braze data with Stripe data. You have insights in a number of tools and the opportunity to connect Braze with a modern data stack.
A data warehouse, like the Snowflake data warehouse Mozart provides, is your source of truth. You need to know if one of your Braze campaigns is great at getting you a single purchase, but isn’t targeting customers that have higher LTV. Take those learnings and optimize your channels with the understanding of what you should expect from each channel and audience segment.

Get Ahead of Customer Churn

Many of the principles behind simplifying your channel analytics can be applied to leveraging Mozart and Braze to get ahead of customer churn risks. Just like you should learn which segments of your customer base have the potential for the highest LTV, you need to take steps to identify customers that will churn, so you can protect your recurring revenue..
Side note: if you aren’t at a SaaS company and “churn” isn’t the right descriptor for you, look for the customers that will only make one or two purchases. You want the equivalent of recurring revenue from them.
There are a number of ways to get here, but all of them should include as much usage data as possible. Determine the behaviors that happy customers choose and the actions that your customers who churned were taking — or the lack thereof. The specifics will of course vary for your business, but in principle, you should be able to identify trends in user/customer behavior that can give you clues as to who is at a high risk of churning. Now you need to influence those people.
If you have Braze, you have an adaptable tool to power customer engagement targeted toward these higher churn risks, and you should have data on the messaging that they found engaging. Identify the pain points and value props and enrich that messaging with the additional context you have from other data sources in your data warehouse to power more impactful outcomes.
For an example, our customer Zeplin has success sending out a monthly usage report to their customers to highlight the value they’re getting from their tools. This helps them retain customers who might not see the value until it’s right in front of them.

Turn Into a Braze Power User

After you carry out these projects you’ll have a strong foundation to work from. When you understand your leads and customers it becomes much easier to test new marketing ideas, launch new products and features, and report back to your internal stakeholders.
We all know it’s difficult to truly innovate when playing catch-up. When you’re connecting Braze to a modern data stack from Mozart Data, you have everything you need to save time while launching better campaigns and customer retention efforts. Contact us to learn more about how we can help.

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