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Data analysis

Joining the SaaS World

This post was written by Shai Weener on Mozart’s data analyst team.    It was ~ my 4th day at

data integration

7 Key Benefits of Integrating dbt into Mozart 🚀

We integrated dbt Core into Mozart as another transformation layer, paired with our existing SQL-based transformation layer. dbt is a great tool that allows data teams to collaboratively build, test, and deploy data models. Now organizations have maximum flexibility to run the data models they want in a single pipeline

Data warehouse

Data Warehouse Solutions

Discover the best data warehouse solution for your business. Increase data accessibility and analytics capabilities with Redshift, BigQuery, and Snowflake.

Business intelligence

Data Strategy for Marketing Agencies

Unlock the power of data with a strategic approach for marketing agencies. Improve client reporting and analytics with a data strategy for marketing agencies.


What is the Modern Data Platform (Really)?

Discover what the modern data platform really is and how it can help organizations process and manage large volumes of data efficiently. Explore the core components and additional tools for improved data management and decision-making.

Business intelligence

Data Strategy for SaaS Companies

Learn how B2B SaaS companies can operate as a data-driven organization with a customized data strategy. Discover the benefits of a modern data platform like Mozart. Read now for data strategy for SaaS companies.


Data Automation Tools

Discover how data automation tools can simplify your data pipeline, improve reliability, and save resources. Explore ETL automation and all-in-one solutions like Mozart Data.


Is it Time to Onboard Data Pipeline Tools?

Discover the warning signs that you’ve outgrown your data system and learn why Mozart Data’s automation, observability, and management features for data pipeline tools are the solution you need.