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Data transformation

What is Data Transformation?

Organizations of all sizes need to be able to systematically analyze data in order to benefit from it. Data transformation ...
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Data warehouse

What is a Data Mart?

Many businesses nowadays use a data mart to organize their data warehouse and make relevant data easily available to specific ...
data base scheme
Data analysis

Data Grain: What’s the Right Level of Granularity When Building Data Models

In the world of data and analytics, one of the most common errors we come across is the failure to ...
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Data Dictionary

Columnar vs. Row storage: Column stores are ideal for highly analytical query models. Row stores are better suited for transaction ...
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Data analysis

Dimensions and Facts in Terms of Data Warehousing

In data warehousing, facts and dimensions are standard terms. They inform us about things like the number of resources used ...
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The Seven Best ELT Tools for Data Warehouses

The efficient movement and transformation of data in a data-driven world is vital to business innovation and growth. Unfortunately, transferring ...
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Data warehouse

What is a Data Warehouse?

Our businesses create more data than ever, and an enterprise data warehouse is the fastest way for business owners to ...
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When It’s Time to Build a Data Stack

And why waiting might be dooming your business   Congratulations! It’s working. You have customers and are growing. You’ve succeeded ...
Modern data stack

Mozart Investor Interview – Karine Hsu

For our inaugural investor interview, we have Karine Hsu, one of Mozart Data’s first angel investors and co-founder of SLOPE ...