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Data warehouse

Data Lake vs. Data Warehouse

What’s the Best Way to Store Data for Analytics?   Data lakes and data warehouses both centralize data and make ...
computer display with programming code written on it

ETL vs. ELT: What’s the Difference?

Defining data integration techniques, their use-cases, and pros and cons. Starting in the 1970’s, the dominant way to integrate data ...
wonam working on the computer, looking at two displays and a laptop

The Best ETL Tools in 2022

What Are ETL Tools? Today, organizations of all sizes and sectors generate massive volumes of data beyond the understanding of ...
two people wirking with their laptops and analyzing data on papers
Data analysis

A Practical Guide to Data Analysis

Data analysis provides business leaders with insights that help them improve their businesses. This increased understanding of what is happening ...
Pipes Above the lake with the shore and the city in the distance

How to Manage Your Data Pipeline

A data pipeline helps your business to personalize the experience that each customer has with your brand, thereby helping to ...
a lake and the mountains
Data warehouse

What Is a Data Lake (And Why You Need One)

A data lake can be used to provide organizations of any size with efficient, reliable, and flexible storage, allowing them ...
stats on the screen in dark thumbnails
Business intelligence

Why Data Reporting is Important

Whether you like it or not, everything that happens inside, and sometimes outside, your business is being recorded or encoded. ...
a child stacking wooden toy bricks in different colors

What is a Data Stack?

All companies need a place where they can store the data their company generates — and modern companies are creating ...
statistical software on the latop in the office
Data analysis

What is Data Modeling?

Data modeling can help you employ stronger databases, making data collecting and processing easier and quicker than your competitors, but ...