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What is a Data Stack?

All companies need a place where they can store the data their company generates — and modern companies are creating …

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Data analysis

What is Data Modeling?

Data modeling can help you employ stronger databases, making data collecting and processing easier and quicker than your competitors, but …

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Modern data stack

Mozart Data Is GDPR Compliant

The security of our customers’ data is extremely important to us. This not only includes how we handle our customers’ …

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What Is Data Extraction?

Businesses today generate a large volume of data, and they need to make the most of the insights they gain …

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Data transformation

What is Data Transformation?

Organizations of all sizes need to be able to systematically analyze data in order to benefit from it. Data transformation …

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Data warehouse

What is a Data Mart?

Many businesses nowadays use a data mart to organize their data warehouse and make relevant data easily available to specific …

data base scheme
Data analysis

Data Grain: What’s the Right Level of Granularity When Building Data Models

In the world of data and analytics, one of the most common errors we come across is the failure to …

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Data Dictionary

Columnar vs. Row storage: Column stores are ideal for highly analytical query models. Row stores are better suited for transaction …

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Data analysis

Dimensions and Facts in Terms of Data Warehousing

In data warehousing, facts and dimensions are standard terms. They inform us about things like the number of resources used …