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What is Data Cataloging?

Not everyone is a pro at staying organized, but it’s easy to see the importance of it. Imagine walking into ...
A woman wearing glasses and holding a pen. She is sitting on the couch and reading through some papers.

The Pros and Cons of Buying, Building, and Outsourcing Your Data Stack

You’ve decided it’s time to set up a data stack for your company, but you’re unsure what’s the best way ...
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Data warehouse

How to Choose a Data Warehouse

A data warehouse is the central home for your data, and the rest of your data processes are built off ...
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How Data Leaders at Pinterest and Cloud9 Esports Approach Implementing a Data Stack

When it’s time to set up a data stack, there are three paths you can take. You can build it, ...
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What is Data Reliability?

“There must be something wrong with Excel. I can’t get these numbers to make sense.” For anyone who has had ...
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What is Data Observability?

Do you know the current status — quality, reliability, and uptime — of your data and data systems? Not last ...
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Business intelligence

Is a Business Intelligence Tool Enough for Your Business?

Anyone who has used raw data to create a report or graph by hand — without utilizing a business intelligence ...
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Data analysis

How to Set Data Analyst Hires Up for Success

In previous posts, we’ve gone over the right time to hire a data analyst, how to hire the right analyst ...
Man sitting in front of his computer and analyzing data.

Three Signs You Need a Modern Data Stack

Growing companies will have a data stack at some point. So instead of asking should you have a data stack, ...