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A Bunch of Boats on a Beach
Data analysis

Measuring What Matters in a Down Market

The old saying of “a rising tide lifts all boats” hides an ocean of insight. It cuts through the boasts ...
A Railroad in the Dark

Why Data Extraction Is Important

Your business is collecting a lot of data, and it’s stored in platforms used by teams across departments. These platforms ...
Red Graph Arrow First Going Up Then Suddenly Down
Data analysis

Data for Downturns

The sky is falling. Every Twitter thread, every message from investors, every conversation around San Francisco seems the same — ...
People at a Desk and a Man Looking at His Laptop

The Cost-Effective Alternative to Hiring More Data Engineers in an Economic Downturn

You know data is important. No business leader wants their teams to be less data-driven. But many struggle with the decision to ...
Person typing on a laptop with pies and charts on the display.
Business intelligence

How to Pick a Business Intelligence Tool

Business intelligence (BI) tools help users analyze and visualize data. When paired with the other foundational data tools every company ...
Black and white close up photo of a woman with a slight smile.
Modern data stack

Why I Joined Mozart Data

  In December 2020, Kritika Dusad joined Mozart Data as their third engineer after working as a contract Python Developer ...
Young woman in summer clothes and sunglasses sitting on the pavement floor and smiling.
Modern data stack

My Journey to Mozart Data

  I’ve always found the inner workings of how to run and grow a business exciting. My first job out ...
Close-up of a hand on sheets of papers with statistics, next to a phone that says 'PROFIT' on the display.
Business intelligence

What Companies Get Wrong About the Equation of the Business

I attended the YC Series A program (representing Mozart Data), and one of the heads of the program said, “You ...
A formally dressed man, sitting and holding a tablet and pointing on charts and pies with a pen.
Business intelligence

Analyze and Visualize Your Data With Mozart Data and Metabase

Business intelligence (BI) tools help users analyze and visualize data. They can be invaluable for tracking performance against key metrics ...