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Person sitting behind a desk with laptop opened and holding a credit card to read the information and type it in.

Why Buying Your Data Stack Is the Smartest Choice for Start-Ups

When I was at Yammer, we built many internal data tools. We were a 16-person analytics team making Bay Area ...
A man and a woman sitting in front of a laptop and holding papers with data and charts. Woman pointing to something with her pen on the sheet that the man is holding.

Finding a Simple and Connected Way to Get Started With Analytics

When you get started with analytics, you should always focus on two things: Simplicity Connectivity Your goal should be to ...
A man sitting in front of two laptops that are showing some type of data.

The Foundational Data Tools Every Company Needs

Organizations that get the most from their data have something in common — strong data infrastructure. Hiring data analysts can ...
A huge warehouse with boxes and a man looking at one of the boxes.
Data warehouse

Choosing a Data Warehouse: Snowflake vs. BigQuery

One of the growing pains successful companies experience is moving from spreadsheet-based reporting to automated dashboards. It’s a necessity if ...
Five people sitting at a table and working on their laptops and discussing something.

Who Should Own Our Data Stack?

The benefits of implementing a modern data stack are enormous — centralized and organized data allows you to tackle more ...
A man sitting behind his laptop and resting his head on his hand.

The Consequences of Delaying Implementation of a Modern Data Stack

The benefits of implementing a modern data stack are enormous — centralized and organized data allows you to tackle more ...
A woman sitting in front of her computer and programming something.

What is Data Governance?

Making decisions based on data is no longer the way of the future. It’s essential for virtually every type of ...
A black and white picture of a man looking at his laptop and explaining something to another person.
Data warehouse

The Best Large Data Storage Solutions in 2023

As organizations grow, their data grows with them. As they seek to manage their growing data and become data-driven, they ...
A huge library with

What is Data Cataloging?

Not everyone is a pro at staying organized, but it’s easy to see the importance of it. Imagine walking into ...