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A Red Flag

How Data Alerts Provide Peace of Mind

When you onboard a new product to help your business solve a problem, it’s common to move on to new ...
A Laptop With Code on the Screen

Why Customer-Facing Analytics Is a Developer Problem

Customer-Facing Dashboards Are Expensive to Implement with Ongoing Maintenance Costs Most SaaS companies need to build customer-facing dashboards at some ...
A Laptop on a Sofa
Business intelligence

How DTC Brands Can Level Up Their Data-Driven Marketing

All marketers have access to some level of data reporting — but that doesn’t mean they know what to do ...
A Woman Standing Next to Servers

Nine Best Data Security Practices for Managing Customer Data

What is data security and privacy? Data security is the practice of protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access, malicious attacks, ...
People Working in the Office
Data analysis

Taking Action with Data to Survive a Downturn

We’ve written previous posts in this series on measuring what matters in a down market and using data, not moving data. It’s important ...
A Drawing of Man and Woman in Front of a Mozart Data Screenshot
Modern data platform

Designing a Simpler, More Accessible Modern Data Platform

Creating a data pipeline for the first time can be daunting, but the look and feel of a product can ...
Colorful Dots and Lines

Best Data Extraction Tools of 2022

To populate your data warehouse with accurate and actionable data, you first need to extract that data from the applications ...
A Close-up Shot of Some Kind of a Service Panel
Data analysis

Using Data, Not Moving Data

With the global economy facing increasing uncertainty, we’re publishing a series on using data to help your company survive.  In ...
Horses Running
Data analysis

Faster Horses

There’s a classic line (attributed to Henry Ford) I’ve heard dozens (maybe hundreds) of times — “If I had asked ...