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Looking for your competitive edge? Graduate from just a spreadsheet.

There’s a lot of talk about data – how it’s the “new oil” and why every business needs to use ...
A Man Is Writing on a Paper

We’ve Partnered with Braze to Help Power Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is a top priority for many of our own customers, so we’re excited to announce our partnership with ...
An Orange Forklift in the Warehouse With Packages on Shelves
Business intelligence

Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence

With the volume of data that businesses today are generating, there is no longer a need to rely on sheer ...
A Neon Sign of a Handshake

A Beginner’s Guide to Data Platform Services

As a company accumulates more data across departments — user profiles, order details, marketing metrics, etc. — it reaches a ...
Blue Digital Net
Business intelligence

What Is the Role of Data Integration in Business Intelligence?

Modern business runs on data. Your company likely collects information on clients, products, competitors, vendors, and many other industry-specific metrics. ...
Blue Lines With White Lights at One End
Business intelligence

ETL in Business Intelligence

When seeking improved business intelligence, it’s easy to make the mistake of focusing only on BI tools as the solution. ...
Green Prairie With Blue Sky

What Does the American Prairie Have to Do with the Modern Data Stack?

Successful data analytics teams are emergent; they are rarely the result of conscious human design, reasoning, and planning. Instead, the ...
Code on Laptop Screen
Data transformation

What Is a Data Transformation Layer?

As you work to build a modern data stack for your business, you may have heard that data transformation tools or a ...
Three Gradually Growing Stacks of Dollar Coins
Data warehouse

Why Startups Want a Snowflake Data Warehouse

Almost every startup wants to be data-driven, but it can be difficult to decide where to start. Startups wonder if ...