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Two people working together on the computer in an office space.

Why Every Early-Stage Start-Up Needs a Modern Data Stack

Every successful start-up will eventually set up a modern data stack, but it oftens happens later than it should. Most ...
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Modern data platform

From Modern Data Stack to Modern Data Platform

As we start a new year, we’re thankful for all our customers who have supported us and played an important ...
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Data transformation

What is the Best Way to Clean Up a Large Data Set?

Consider for a moment just how much data every company has access to. Each department is continuously collecting it in ...
Picture of stones perfectly stacked.

What Are the Key Components of the Modern Data Stack in 2022?

A modern data stack is an increasingly popular option for companies to manage their data. A modern data stack is ...
Picture of two people sitting behind a desk with their laptops. Close up of their hands and one is showing something to the other on the piece of paper between them.
Data analysis

How to Hire the Right Data Analyst for Your Team

If you’re not sure the right time to hire a data analyst, we recommend you check out our blog on ...
An abstract colorful illustration of a grid
Data transformation

What Are the Best Ways to Transform Large Data Sets?

Data can be a powerful tool for businesses, but particularly with large data sets, it can be very difficult to ...
two women in a job interview sitting at the table
Data analysis

The Right Time to Hire a Data Analyst

The Business Case for Building a Data Team If you’re considering hiring a data analyst, it’s an exciting time for ...
Data warehouse

Data Lake vs. Data Warehouse

What’s the Best Way to Store Data for Analytics?   Data lakes and data warehouses both centralize data and make ...
computer display with programming code written on it

ETL vs. ELT: What’s the Difference?

Defining data integration techniques, their use-cases, and pros and cons. Starting in the 1970’s, the dominant way to integrate data ...